Clos jebsal of Turckheim

The Clos Jebsal lies on a marl-limestone geological fault, rich in clays and gypsum, in fact just below the Brand Grand Cru. This very small vineyard with its very steep slope and numerous terraces faces directly south. The Clos Jebsal benefits from a very warm and unbelievably precocious microclimate, while at the same time being completely protected from the north winds by the Brand mountain.

The very rich soil, relatively slow to warm up, always produces wines with a balanced acidity associated with the good maturation process linked to this particular locality. The vineyard was planted in 1983, producing its first vintage in 1987. By virtue of its location and soil, it has been possible to ascertain over the years that this locality has a real aptitude for developing the noble rot. Each vintage from 1989 on has either been a Late Harvest or a Selection of Noble Grapes.